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HenryM's Application

Discussion in 'Dominus & Imperius Recruitment' started by HenryM, May 3, 2017.

  1. HenryM

    HenryM Recruit

    May 3, 2017
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    Which faction do you primarily play? Republic, Imperial or split evenly?

    What are your typical play times?
    6pm East -11PM eastern Mon Wed Sun

    Are you a subscriber or Free to Play?

    What areas of the game are you interested in? Check all that apply.
    Flashpoints, Operations, General PvE

    Have you read, and do you agree to follow the Pax Gaming Charter?

    Are you interested in joining the greater Pax community and playing other games with Pax? If so, which games?
    World of Warcraft

    If you'd like, tell us something about yourself. (Not required)
    I have played Warcraft for over 10 yrs, I am a raider by nature. I love to do content in group, and I know how important it is to be on time for raid and that people rely on you.
  2. Jicori

    Jicori SWTOR Rector
    Pax Gaming Member

    Dec 24, 2015
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    Hi @HenryM I apologize for the delay responding to your application here. I will post the official stuff for you below. Once you have done everything here you need to do, be sure to post a reply here to answer whether you want to use Path 1 or Path 2 so I know how to proceed with this application. Also let me know if you have any questions!

    This application process is two weeks long, but because of the delayed start on our end, we'll take that down to one week and end on May 18, 2017. If you are doing Path 2, though, and need 2 weeks, let me know and I will extend this.

    Pax Imperius
    (SWTOR, Imperial, Ebon Hawk): His will. Peace through fear!
    Pax Dominus (SWTOR, Republic, Ebon Hawk): Fight for the fallen! Die for the living!
    Discord for voice and chat: information thread and link to get started
    Forum: Joint Pax Dominus/Pax Imperius discussion forums
    StarParse channels: Pax Dominus/yuengling and pax imperius/knights

    Complete the following tasks during this two-week application period:

    (1) Set up an avatar here at the forum.

    (2) Join the chat channel in game for the guild factions you have applied to; your characters are welcome in both!
    • Pax Dominus: /cjoin paxchat paxrocks
    • Pax Imperius: /cjoin darkcity paxrocks
    (3) Request a guild invite for one or more of your characters in game:
    (Since I think you've already done this, just let us know if you have other characters you need to get in.)
    • You can use the custom chat channels to request an invite, or use this thread to coordinate a time with a guild officer.
    • Identify yourself using your forum name in case the person doesn’t know you and needs to confirm.
    • After you’re in guild, make sure someone sets your member note in game to include your forum name. That helps us remember who is who. :)
    (4) Set up voice chat with Discord. NOTE: Be sure to run Discord in Administrator mode in Windows so you can push-to-talk while in SWTOR.

    For our SWTOR guilds, we now have two paths to complete the application process depending on the type of membership you are most interested in.

    PATH 1: Citizen/Civitas
    This path is for a SWTOR player who would like to be part of our guild, but who may play casually or primarily solo and is not yet looking for regular guild/group participation. This is also for people who are part of another guild or server, but want to have a character that regularly assists in Pax. This member is encouraged to join group events to help fill vacancies, though preferences for grouping for during such events will go toward those will full Member status (see Path 2 below). Citizen/Civitas also has limited access to guild resources in the guild bank. The guild charter/info should reflect more details about this role, but let an officer know if you have any questions in the meantime.

    To complete this path: Complete those four items previously listed, and then post a comment here on the thread to let us know you want to just continue at this status for now. You can always change your mind later, and we can do the Full Membership path here at that time.

    PATH 2: Full Member
    When you become a full member of Pax for one game, you're a member across all the games for which we have a guild presence, even among members that don't overlap with SWTOR. A Member can sign up and participate in group events without any limitations, and can make use of our guild bank resources as described in our guild documentation. Revisit the guild charter if you would like more information on this.

    To complete this path: First, maintain regular activity levels in the game during this 2-week application period: if you find yourself unable to be online for 48 hours or more, let us know. Second, use this application thread as a record as you complete any 5 activities from this list of Recruit Activities:


    For each, post here in your application thread with the info (screenshots optional, but could be fun):
    • Activity name:
    • Date completed:
    • Pax member(s) present:
    I will be monitoring your application thread during the application period. At the end of that time, if you have chosen full membership and completed the activities, we will have a 7-day poll among guild members to confirm your membership.

    Do not hesitate to reach out to me or any officer in game if you have questions or need assistance! :)

    And again... WELCOME!
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